Nabeel Bhatti - Basketball Program & Tournament Director & Coach
I could generate a conventional biography with bullet points, but this would be doing a disservice to the audience. You see I discovered basketball accidently at the age of 13 in 8th grade through a family member of mine. Although I was not very good, I continued playing and practicing because it allowed me to escape my home life. That was the key for me, and basketball was an outlet. I didn’t mind the countless hours outside in my front yard, at the park, or at the middle school working on dribbling, shooting, or conditioning. This introduction to the game had become a passion. It ultimately led me to play all 4 years of high school basketball and lead our school to a division 4 section championship as well as a bid to the state tournament my senior year. All firsts in school history. I played junior college at Yuba College and was a 2-year starter. I was team captain my sophomore year at Yuba. After that I got an opportunity to play at Upper Iowa University a Division II school in the Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conference. I was voted team captain my senior year and received my B.A. in Business Administration.

I have truly come to believe that basketball is indeed a platform and a tool. Each athletes’ reason for playing or competing are not the same. However, there are a few things that are universal for both. You can learn lifelong skills and lessons along the way such as the importance of hard work, discipline, dealing with adversity, perseverance, communication, and many others. The game will open many gateways and opportunities for success if you approach it with integrity. I keep this in mind when I coach all my athletes. For those of you who are interested in my coaching experience I’ve coached 15 years plus in many capacities from the middle school ranks to high school, and all AAU levels. I am also a USA GOLD licensed and certified coach. Ultimately the objective is to build and develop children who will become adults that are productive, responsible, and respectable members of society. I utilize basketball as teaching tool for that.
Shamir King - Head Basketball Trainer, Basketball Coach
I bring a wealth of knowledge to coaching & teaching the game of basketball. With over 15 years of experience coaching boys and girls from the middle school to the collegiate level I am well versed in skill development, and strength and performance training. Through my experiences working with the youth, I have found that the game of basketball is a great tool to teach many life long skills such as hard work, discipline, communication, and accountability.
Elizabeth Bhatti - Volleyball Director, Trainer, and Coach
I grew up in Beaverton, Oregon and began playing volleyball in 3rd grade. I quickly fell in love and began playing year round with my schools and competitive travel teams in 6th grade, which continued through high school. As college approached, I decided to forego pursuing the recruiting interest I received to play at the next level, and instead focused on academics. I attended the University of Oregon and McGeorge School of Law. After graduating law school and passing the bar, however, I quickly came back to my first love of volleyball, and began coaching competitive club teams in the Granite Bay area before moving to the Yuba-Sutter area.

‚Äč Currently I am the Varsity Head Coach at Sutter High School. Prior to taking over the program at Sutter, I was the Assistant Varsity Coach at River Valley High School for six years, and the Head Varsity Coach at Yuba City High School for one year. I am the Director of our volleyball training, our competitive volleyball Club Director, and one of our coaches. I have coached club for ten years, with both local clubs and in Granite Bay.

I pride myself in bringing a level of energy, focus, and accountability to the court when I coach that is unmatched, and I expect the same from each of the girls I coach. I strive to form lasting bonds and connections with my players, and to help them grow and develop not only as players, but as young adults as well. I still message and stay in contact with my high school coach because of the lessons she taught me on and off the court, and I love forming those same relationships with my players.

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